How To Portray Confidence? – Interview Skills

Hey Guys, It is the 24th of June, 2020 and here is another post from Successnext, Chennai, India.

Pfft! Who are we kidding?! Confidence is an in-borne thing! You can’t just learn it!

There, there. No need to fret…

Cause confidence can be faked.

Welcome to…


Let’s start from the basics. Try to keep your overlying attitude positive. That said, refrain from throwing yourself a congratulatory party even before your application has been shortlisted. Stay calm, stay present and aware and confident of your own abilities.

 Let’s say you have the skills your prospective employer is looking for and you’ve been scheduled an interview. Congratulations! You’re on your way! That brings us to the next tip: look presentable.

You don’t have to exhaust your resources to buy the latest styles in the best brands. Just stick to the classic formal attire: a nice, clean shirt in soft but complimenting colours coupled with simple, black, grey or blue (or simply a pastel colour for women). Men can upgrade their look by adding in a simple yet classy watch, a simple belt, tan or black, polished formal shoes, a tie that goes with your shirt (don’t go crazy with it) and a classy laptop bag/ briefcase. Keep the deodorant/cologne mild, facial hair shaved or trimmed and nails cut. Bonus tip: Try and match the colour of your socks to your pants.

The ladies can opt for a simple kurti or a cotton sari. You could also opt for the western alternative of pant-suit and shirt, pencil-skirts or formal, knee-length dresses. Limit the accessories to a handbag, watch, pumps/formal shoes, small and simple earrings. Remember, save the cosmetics for the party. Keep it minimalistic and finish your look with a very subtle perfume.

The last and possibly one of the most important aspects of your appearance… something that can make or break a good impression: your smile and posture. You don’t have to vow or woo your prospective employer. Let the smile come naturally; don’t force it too much. It’ll look strained and you’ll seem constipated. Push your shoulders out, keep your back straight but not in a way that makes it seem like you’ve just joined the army. Even if you trip over nothing and face-plant, do not shrink in on yourself. Walk calm, walk confident, and try not to fall.

So you’ve made it into the interview room sans major screw-ups? Great going! You’re onto a good start. Now, keep this in mind: SHEF a.k.a., Slow down, Hand position, Eye contact, Fidget-not.

Don’t rush to answer the questions thrown at you. You’re not a dog. Take your time, collect your thoughts and then convey.

Keep your hands where they’re visible and keep them active while you speak. Do NOT clutch them together. Instead, keep them open and relaxed with the palm side up.

Maintain eye contact with the interviewer(s). If there are more than one interviewers, meet the eyes of the person talking or asking the question and, while answering, make and keep eye contact with each individual for every point that you make. Do NOT stare holes into their heads. Blink normally, nod your head in acknowledgement and try not to have shifty eyes.

Overall, remain calm. The worst that could happen is you won’t get the job. Calm down, be natural and comfortable in your own skin.

Who am I?

An interview is not the time for you to have an identity crisis. You don’t want to make up things that flatter you or oversell your abilities. Keep it real. Practice beforehand and do your homework! When you know something well, you naturally come across as confident, not to mention, capable.

Do NOT overdo it. You may think you’re being discrete but HR can tell when you’re sprouting a load of hogwash. Don’t try to be “polite” and compliment your interviewer’s appearance or gush about how “OMG! This company is amazing! It’s perfect in every sense!”. Keep the follow-up questions concise and limited. Don’t overkill.
“How old am I? How old do I want to seem?”

People unconsciously act older than they are while being interviewed in order to seem polite, respectful and/or experienced. Go ahead and be polite. Be respectful. Know your stuff and brandish that! You don’t have to pretend to be 40 mentally when really you’re just 20. That said, don’t get too comfortable. The interviewer is not your homie. Keep the slang and jokes for the pals.

And there you have it! A how-to portray confidence even if you’re a nervous wreck on the inside. Good luck and remember: KEEP. IT. REAL.

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