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Types of Sentences and how to change emphasis

There are four major types of Sentences: Simple sentence – A simple sentence has one main clause e.g; John waited for the train Compound sentence – A compound sentence has two main clauses that express two or more independent thoughts of equal importance, usually joined by ‘and’, ‘but’, or ‘or’. e.g; Wages have declined by …

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Is “I’m fine, thank you. And you?” a good greeting?

Greetings – Be Creative So, I was teaching an online spoken English class yesterday from my center here in Chennai and we were practicing “small talk”. I greeted one of my students with “How’s it going?” and she replied with this oft repeated reply that non native English speakers typically use – “I’m fine, thanks. …

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Phrasal Verbs (Part1 A-C)

Act on Meaning: Act decisively on the basis of information received or deduced. Example: The detective decided to act on the anonymous tip Act on Meaning: Take action against something. Example: World leaders have repeatedly stated that we must act on climate change. Act on Meaning: Affect something. Example: Different drugs act on different parts of our body in many different ways. Act out Perform …

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