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Our Vision

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

SuccessNext was founded by Madhusudan Chandrasekran in 2019 who believes in  moulding students for the major facets  of their profession. The vision of SuccessNext is to train professional and students  so that they do not have to face any kind of a language barrier  and  become confident leaders and speakers. 

SuccessNext takes great pride in providing in person classes with a combination of online classes access, it involves learning   with peers and having a chance for real time class interaction. The students get individual feedback which helps them understand an work on their   areas of weakness.

Success Next caters to students in their secondary school education to  working professionals.

Our courses

Business Communication

Communication skills either help you succeed or they hold you back. In today’s business world, communication has to be effective, efficient and precise.

Business Writing

This module helps professionals take their business writing skills to the next level by  teaching them how to deliver crisp and clear business documents.

Leadership Communication

Leadership communication at SuccessNext is split into two modules, one for beginners and an advanced module for the more seasoned leader.

Negotiation Training

Understand manipulative tactics used by people and how to counter them while negotiating. Case-based learning is used to drive the key concepts home.

Conflict Resolution

We explore conflicts that happen at workplaces and how leaders and managers of the organization can address these situations and convert them into an opportunity for learning and growth instead of an obstacle.

Intense Grammar

This 2-week crash module on English grammar covers all aspects of the language so that the learner is able to write and speak with proper grammar.

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